At Sequoyah, we stand for Uncompromising Performance – in the quality of our products and in providing service to our customers. Sequoyah sponsors athletes who share Sequoyah’s passion for Uncompromising Performance in their fields.


Jimmi Olsen – Ultra Marathoner

Denmark’s Jimmi Olsen is one of the world’s top ultra-marathoners. Jimmi is training to compete in The 4 Deserts, a global series of seven-day, 250-kilometer (155 mile) self-supported footraces across the Gobi Desert of China (Gobi March), the Atacama Desert of Chile (Atacama Crossing), the Sahara Desert of Egypt (Sahara Race) and Antarctica (The Last Desert). Jimmi won the Sahara Race in 2007 – Uncompromising Performance. For more information go to: www.jimmi-olsen.dk


Dennis Lindberg, Spirit of St Louis, Green Land Speed Racing

With a declared goal to be the fastest man ever by breaking the land speed record for wheel driven vehicles, and doing this in a vehicle with zero CO2 emission, Dennis Lindberg has joined forces with US race car manufacturer Predator Performance, to make this goal a reality. Currently, Dennis Lindberg and the Spirit of St Louis team have set 6 world records - Uncompromising Performance. For more information go to: www.spiritofstlouis.dk