Fair Trade Diamonds


Sequoyah believes that people want to know that their diamond is conflict free and doesn't fund wars, atrocities or inhumane treatment. It can be extremely hard to find Fair Trade Conflict Free diamonds. However, if you purchase your diamonds from Sequoyah you can rest assured that every one is 100% Fair Trade Conflict Free.

Fair Trade

The term Fair Trade diamonds is used with the understanding that not only are those involved with the extraction of diamonds receiving fair compensation and benefits for their labors and working in a safe environment but also that steps are taken to insure that there is minimal impact to that environment.

We believe a fair trade diamond market is possible in West Africa, one that can cut out unethical middlemen, and provide miners and their families a fair share of the value of diamonds. Sequoyah representatives work directly with local clan leaders in West Africa to purchase raw diamonds, cutting out the unethical middlemen, and providing the miners and their families a higher and fairer value. Although there is no formal fair trade certification process, at Sequoyah, we believe we are helping make a difference for local miners.

Conflict free

Most jewelers carry diamonds are already certified by four Cs for carat, color, clarity and cut, giving an overall measure of quality. At Sequoyah, customers get a fifth C — Conflict Free. Getting a Conflict Free diamond guarantees that a stone is not a "blood diamond" one that has helped fund a war or supported human rights abuses.

Despite widespread acknowledgment of the existence of conflict diamonds, until recently it has been nearly impossible to verify the origin of diamonds and the conditions in which they are produced. The diamond industry's attempt to address the problem of conflict diamonds resulted in the Kimberley Process, which has been deemed woefully inadequate by independent non-governmental organizations and government monitoring bodies. The fact remains that conflict diamonds still exist.

However, Sequoyah sources diamonds directly from clans and miners in West Africa ensuring the diamonds are Conflict Free.

As a customer of Sequoyah, you and your customers can take comfort in diamonds that are Fair Trade Conflict Free.